Servicio con una sonrisa

Clinic queues present unique challenges to any person, system or method attempting to manage them properly. A simple service like co‐payment cashiers can rely on the simplest form of 'take a number' device to arrange customers in a first‐infirst‐ out line. But patient flow in the doctor's waiting room behaves less like an orderly queue and more like a cloud, from which patients need to be called according to complex logic.

For patients who are about to experience a long wait, more advanced options can be offered ‐ for instance, to go wait at a nearby cafeteria and be notified using SMS when they need to get back to the waiting room. The bottom line is, clinic patient flow is one complex challenge where good automated technology can actually make people (patients and doctors alike) more happy and relaxed than any human intervention ‐ as well intended as it may be ‐ ever could.

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Noticias y Eventos

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