Curing the Chronic Confusion Syndrome

I am not a doctor (though my mom would have loved me to be one), but my course of work often takes me to hospitals and clinics. Being used to walking the premises of large medical centers, I probably look like I know where I'm going; that must be why, on an average walk of 300 yards, I'd be asked for directions by bewildered visitors at least 5 or 6 times.

This phenomenon is just one symptom of a disease many medical centers seem to suffer from, which I'd like to call "Chronic Confusion Syndrome", or CCS. While disoriented patients might seem a fairly tolerable symptom considering the size and complexity of some hospital buildings, CCS can also infect hospital staff, especially customer‐facing employees like doctors, who treat waiting patients across multiple treatment rooms. In the case of doctors, knowing when to go to which room seems to be highly classified information... either that, or this info too often gets lost somewhere between triage and treatment.

Luckily, though, while not being a doctor I do know of some possible cures for Chronic Confusion Syndrome.

The Perfect Cure: Total Patient Experience Management

New York based software firm, Q‐nomy Inc., offers an integrated solution that combines healthcare‐oriented sign‐in, digital signage, queue management and room management capabilities. Q‐nomy's seamless integration of every component in the package produces a consistent feel to every point of interaction between the visitors and the system, be it the point of reception, directional displays or queuing system. This consistent feel elevates the quality of the patient experience, and creates a relaxed atmosphere where visitors and staff alike feel certainty and reassurance.

With an install base of hundreds of medical sites ranging from small clinics to large hospitals, Q‐nomy's solution is one proven cure for Chronic Confusion Syndrome that has been shown to increase patient satisfaction, reduce congestion at reception and waiting areas, and create a better working environment for the medical staff.


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