Coronavirus Support


In modern history, we are facing an unprecedented crisis. The entire world is struggling to defeat a global pandemic to maintain the health and safety of individuals, as well as the economy and well-being of society.

Since 2002, Q-nomy has always sought innovative ways to support businesses and governments during trying times. We helped organizations reduce costs and streamline operations following the 2008 economic crisis. We helped them recover and prosper through a strong focus on marketing sales in the years following. We now join our partners in offering governments and businesses viable solutions to help tackle the challenges of the Coronavirus outbreak.


Solutions for Government and Nationwide Operations


  • Q-nomy Public Health Crisis Management manages the scheduling, workflow, and communications required to control such activities as carrier tests, isolation, and hospitalization.
  • Q-nomy Mass Scheduling App manages invites and scheduling for the entire population, for such activities as tests and vaccinations, as well as booking patient appointments and queuing at service locations.

Solutions for Customer Service


  • Q-nomy’s Video Queue Management helps businesses transition from traditional face-to-face services to remote operations, while preserving the workflow and experience that both agents and customers are accustomed to understanding.
  • Q-nomy’s Appointment Scheduling helps businesses keep waiting time short and waiting areas less crowded, thus reducing staff and visitor exposure to contagion.


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News & Events

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  • Q-nomy Announces MS Teams Integration Now Available for Its Omnichannel Customer Service Solution 2020-09-24
  • Q-nomy Releases Version 6.3 of Flagship Product "Q-Flow" 2020-08-19
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