Brochure On Demand

Q-nomy's Brochure On Demand (BOD) software lets you create fully personalized brochures on the fly. Brochures created can include images, text, maps, barcodes or QR codes, and any other type of content to help inform, guide and serve your customers.

Use BOD for such purposes as:

  • Sending content-rich emails to customers prior to appointments, helping them prepare, or providing promotional information.
  • Sending emails as follow up to appointments and service interactions, providing customers with visit summaries, follow-up instructions, or just a thank you message.
  • Printing personalized brochures to store visitors, including targeted ads and information, instead of handing out pre-printed stock papers.
  • Replacing queue tickets, thus providing a more premium experience to visitors
  • Presenting promotions and marketing guidance to staff meeting with customers, with an option to email or print for the customer.


Benefits and Advantages

Benefits of BOD:

  • Gives you full control over your printed and emailed content
  • Provides better experience for customers who receive guidance and information from brochures
  • Delivers effective advertising and useful information to customers
  • Increases customer satisfaction and sales

Unique advantages of BOD:

  • Naturally complements Q-nomy's Customer Interaction Management, making it easy to provide personalized content to customers at any step of their journey
  • Complements Q-nomy's Digital Signage system, providing a single unified solution for managing broadcast and personal channels
  • Replaces simple number tickets or text messages with an impressive, high-end method of communication


Main Features

  • Create brochures on-the-fly during any step of the customer journey by combining personalized and contextual content into a predefined document template.
  • Present brochures to agents before or while meeting with the customer.
  • Present brochures to customers on kiosks.
  • Print brochures by the agent from the Agent application, or by the customer from the kiosk.
  • Email brochures to the customer by the agent from the Agent application, or by the customer from the kiosk, or by the system during any specific step of the customer journey (e.g. as appointment reminders, follow-up, etc.)


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