Q-nomy's Blog: Customer Experience And More

  • After more than a decade of operating strictly as a B2B vendor, delivering enterprise software solutions, the growing use of Q-nomy's "myVisit" mobile app is bringing us closer than ever to consumers. And even though our clients are still the businesses – once these businesses offer the app to their end-customers, we become part of the B2B2C chain, whether we want it or not. And yes, we want it!

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  • When asked what Q-nomy does, I usually reply that we do customer experience management software, which includes operational components that enable the customer's journey (or the journey of their requests) through the customer service pipelines. We also do content delivery, personalized and delivered to customers on this journey through a variety of digital channels.

    It is an accurate reflection of our reality and it can be backed up by many businesses who actually went ahead implementing Q-nomy's solutions; however for a newcomer to the Q-nomy world, this might seem to be an overstatement. Sometimes people trying to comprehend what is it that Q-nomy actually does think a moment and then say "oh, so you do queue management don't you?". Isn't that an anti-climax…

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