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    • Date Nov. 29, 2016
    BPM 2 CIM Part 1:

    Our approach to handling and communicating customer-oriented business processes, is fully implemented with the new Q-Flow 6 platform. Q-nomy's BPM module has indeed reached a high level of maturity in version 5.9, now "BPM 2 CIM" takes the solution to the next level...

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    • Date Nov. 22, 2016
    Q-Flow 5 dot … no wait, it's 6!

    A few days ago we announced the next version of Q-Flow is coming, and it's going to be called V6. It is a brand new family of Q-Flow products, the first since the introduction of Q-Flow 5.0 back in 2008. This milestone deserves a few words, even more than that — it deserves a celebration!

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