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    • Date Dec. 19, 2016
    The Customer Journey Development Platform

    Over its decade and a half of existence, Q-Flow has evolved not only in terms of features and performance. What started out as a software product focused on managing in-store customer flow, turned into a suite of multiple modules. With V6, Q-Flow emerges as a proper development platform...

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    • Date Jul. 26, 2016
    Young, but not that restless – even millennials seek face-to-face interaction when it matters

    A recent article presents data that may surprise many marketing professionals: though they tend to do almost everything online, millennials still need and opt for the physical, in-branch customer experience when making significant decisions that impact their wallet.

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    • Date Jul. 14, 2016
    Why Appointment Scheduling is Vital for Omni Channel Retail

    The transition between digital and physical channels is a particularly challenging part of the omni-channel journey. It’s important to make it as smooth as possible. Regardless of the specific line of business...

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    • Date Apr. 04, 2016
    Store Visit Conversions, Precisely

    So, you're an omni-channel retailer: you are running a network of digital and physical channels. Your customers can begin their journey just about anywhere on the network, and finish it – hopefully with a sale, or a satisfactory service interaction – also just about anywhere.

    In the virtual world of online channels, tracking customers is easy. Everything is electronic, everything is part of the IT ecosystem, and everything can be recorded and analyzed. But what about the physical customer journey? More specifically, how could businesses track online-to-store conversions, such as when customers shop and browse information online, then continue their purchase in-store?

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    • Date Feb. 02, 2016

    Frequent visitors of the Q-nomy website may have noticed a small, but meaningful change – the renaming of our "Bricks & Clicks Customer Experience Integration" solution, now "Omni-Channel Commerce".

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    • Date Dec. 02, 2015

    Customer Journey Intelligence is the term we like to use to describe the methods and tools available for analyzing customer flow and customer experience. As Q-nomy's solutions generate plenty of information pertaining to the customer journey (to the store, and in it) there is much to analyze. Scheduled for release by the end of 2015, Q-nomy’s Q-Flow Insight is a new Customer Journey Intelligence tool that is powerful, flexible and easy to use.

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