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    • Date Nov. 13, 2018
     Q-nomy conference 2018 select moments (1): Q-Apps

    Earlier this month, Q-nomy held its annual conference. Our partners were invited to participate in an event that serves to present new products, aligns marketing strategies, solidifies the partner community, and effectively kicks off 2019.

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    • Date Apr. 24, 2018
    Analytics Wanted!

    The Q-Flow database is a wonderful source of information for managers; information about customer experience, staff performance, process throughput, quality of service, efficiency of operations, and resource utilization. The key to converting this data mine into knowledge that’s meaningful and actionable is analytics.

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    • Date Apr. 03, 2018
    An Inexpensive Start to a Positive Customer Experience

    When customers arrive at any walk-in service facility, some form of check-in is required to set them off on their "customer journey". Most service providers aim to have some form of self-service technology for checking in. Kiosks were once the default, but they have some major drawbacks...

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    • Date Jan. 17, 2018
    Chatbots: From Conversation to Transaction – Part 2

    In the previous post, we mentioned that Q-nomy has been studying what value chatbots can bring to users in the context of the omnichannel. We learned that chatbot conversations often end up with the user resorting to human agent support. With this in mind, we created the myVisit Chatbot. 

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    • Date Dec. 20, 2017
    Using Chatbots to Enhance User Experience – and the Customer Experience Too!

    Bots as a concept are no longer news, as many organizations employ this technology with varying degrees of success. At Q-nomy, we constantly strive to uncover innovative and interesting uses to available technologies...

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    • Date Nov. 06, 2017
    Six Reasons Why More Companies Are Embracing Appointment Scheduling

    In an era where the public has shown a preference for doing things on their own time, successful businesses are embracing an omni-channel structure. One of the simplest and most popular ways to jump start a better customer experience is to offer online and mobile appointment scheduling. Here are six main reasons...

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    • Date Jun. 21, 2017
    Customer Centric BPM

    What does "Customer Centric BPM Software" mean? What is BPM actually? The answers are revealed in a new video produced by Q-nomy, which you can see right here...

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    • Date May 11, 2017
    Make Your Branch Interactions Delightful and Achieve NPS Greatness

    Net Promoter Score, or NPS, gauges a service provider's relationship with its customers. We know how important customer experience is to improving NPS, but how can we practically achieve this? What tools do we have at our disposal to help us obtain NPS greatness?

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    • Date Apr. 12, 2017
    Does live video customer engagement really change things? It sure does for banking and healthcare!

    Enabling video interactions improves customer experience; video interactions engage customers and provide them with the option of getting faster service with less hassle, for example e-visits to clinics in remote locations.

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    • Date Mar. 30, 2017
    Digitizing Brick and Mortar, for a Purpose

    There are many ways to describe the functions of Q-nomy's Q-Flow®, but in essence, what this unique piece of software does is digitize brick and mortar stores and physical service location. Why is this so important?

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