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    • Date Nov. 29, 2016
    BPM 2 CIM Part 1:

    Our approach to handling and communicating customer-oriented business processes, is fully implemented with the new Q-Flow 6 platform. Q-nomy's BPM module has indeed reached a high level of maturity in version 5.9, now "BPM 2 CIM" takes the solution to the next level...

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    • Date Oct. 13, 2016
    Overcoming Old Habits With Q-Flow Exchange Bridge

    Organizations upgrading from personal calendars to enterprise-grade appointment scheduling solutions like Q-Flow know what they’re gaining, but they often face an obstacle in the form of old usage patterns. A key success factors in convincing these businesses to adopt Q-Flow is the QXB module. 

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    • Date Sep. 06, 2016
    Appointment Scheduling is Only Half The Solution

    Many retail businesses nowadays add appointment scheduling to their customer experience offering. These businesses rightfully assume that scheduled visits support resource planning, resulting in more efficient resource utilization. And, it makes their customers happier with shorter wait times and more focused interactions. However, a solution comprising appointment scheduling alone is like a meal without the main course: good, but not satisfactory.

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    • Date Jul. 26, 2016
    Young, but not that restless – even millennials seek face-to-face interaction when it matters

    A recent article presents data that may surprise many marketing professionals: though they tend to do almost everything online, millennials still need and opt for the physical, in-branch customer experience when making significant decisions that impact their wallet.

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    • Date Aug. 07, 2015

    Many banks allow their customers to book appointments with staff, and see this as a simple way to improve service, reduce wait time, and make bankers' work more predictable. However, these banks are not always aware of how appointment scheduling can deeply impact their business.

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    • Date Jun. 11, 2015

    Providing a software solution for banks might seem like a daunting task, especially when the issue at hand is customer experience and service. Phrases like 'customer data' and 'systems integration' spring to mind, followed by 'information security' and 'oh no, how much is this going to cost us?'

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