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Customer Experience Analytics and Optimization

The Tracks of Customer Experience

Our customer experience analytics and optimization solutions manage customer flow and customer-centric processes. While doing so, they record every interaction and event: the what, when and where, who was involved both from the customer side and the organization side, and often – why.

In-store customer activity is no longer an unknown; there is no need to rely on inaccurate video-based traffic monitoring statistics, or use partial, lone studies. With our customer experience analytics, branch activity is transparent and easily manageable, just like the digital channels.

Examples of customer journey data recorded by the software are:

  • Appointment scheduling data: all appointment data, as well as actual arrivals, no-shows, customers' punctuality/lateness, and more related data.
  • Queue management data: full details for customer check-in, waiting time, service time, abandonment and more related data.
  • Agent performance data: agent efficiency in providing customer service, breaks, back-office work and more related data.
  • Team, branch, region and enterprise-wide aggregates.
  • Business process management data: process throughput, efficiency, attainment of SLA and more related data.
  • Marketing data: exposure to print, e-mail and video advertising and more related data.

And much more, depending on the specific implementation.


Customer Experience Analytics

We provide a range of analysis tools for agents and managers that enable processing the wealth of customer data produced by the software.  The data provides businesses and organizations with indispensable, actionable insights for making informed decisions.

Our "Q-Flow Insight" Customer Journey Intelligence provides top-level management and analysts a means to slice and dice the data to create reports on custom data combinations, instantly, on demand, using spreadsheet applications, the system's reporting interface, or any standard reporting tool.

Branch managers who need quick answers to everyday questions can use the Q-Flow Info Center to obtain customer analytics as pre-defined, easy-to-use reports.

Even customer service agents can view their personal statistics and use benchmarking information to make sure they achieve their goals and improve their performance.


Real-Time Alerts

Sometimes, reports are not enough. Managers at every level of the organization are often swamped with data coming in from all directions, not to mention other tasks they are faced with – attending meetings, communicating with customers, training, learning, reading documents, writing documents, and handling various events and situations.

We provide real-time alerts that notify agents and managers of particular time-sensitive information they need to know, respond to, and follow-up on. These alerts can be as simple as "long waiting time" or "higher than average customer traffic", and as sophisticated as "5 customers of aggregate potential value greater than 10,000 USD now wait in line while the staffing level of sales agents is below the recommended value of 4".

Our solution lets you easily define smart business rules for alerts, and provides a complete messaging and response system to implement alerts to full effect using the following capabilities:

  • Send alerts via SMS, email, onscreen or any 3rd-party messaging channel.
  • Allow staff to respond to alerts, ask questions, seek help or discuss the situation, via a dedicated instant-communication channel free from spam and clutter.
  • Deliver timely links to reports with "more information" to alert recipients about an evolving situation and provide them with information to support decision making.
  • Escalate alerts automatically, until resolution.


Solutions for Customer Experience Optimization

More than anything else, our solutions improve the customer experience and enable an unprecedented level of business optimization.

Historical data analyzing customer behavior and agent performance is utilized by our Staff Optimization Software to forecast service levels and produce recommendations for daily and hourly staffing at each branch and department.

The Customer Flow Management Software system uses business logic and real-time data to automatically optimize service levels by load-balancing customer traffic between agents and teams, considering both agents’ skills as well as customer service priorities.

Finally, Business Process Software uses smart task ordering rules to optimize workflow and ensure that all processes are completed within the required SLA – or, if low staffing prevents attaining 100% of the SLA, the system would at the very least ensure the more important tasks are handled on time.

These are only a few examples for business optimization available out-of-the-box. In addition, the Q-Flow platform enables rapid implementation of custom business logic that takes your goals and constraints into consideration to deliver true business optimization.

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